We’re All Teenage Girls

The teenage years, while tumultuous, were also kind of fun. For me personally, aside from school and sports, I loved music, television catering to the teenage set and boys. Somehow all three were often intertwined. If only Glee had been on back then. It melds all three and brings all those feelings back!

I lived for the dream relationship, despite not actually having one of my own. I felt like the love ballads were speaking to me. I rooted for the couples of the era.

Kelly and Zack were almost doomed.

Kelly and Zack

By a-hole, Jeff.

jeff kelly

Really? She thought that older manager of The Max was going places???

I hated Kelly Taylor when she came between Dylan and Brenda.

Angela and Jordan? Agh! Teen angst!

And it happened again last night friends. I want Rachel and Finn to be together. In a big way.

But of course, what would teenage drama be without a little conflict of interest. Enter Jessie.

I do not enjoy him, and he is ruining my love story.

Am I the only almost 28 year old married teenage girl out there? I’m willing to bet not so much.

Who were your favorite TV couples? Did you root for them?

Whilst watching Glee last night, Geoff served up another wonderful meal. Kind of nice to have him handle everything!

Picture 011

He lined up his ingredients and spices.

Picture 001

Chopped Mushrooms

Picture 002

Artichoke Hearts

Picture 003

With some boiled chopped chicken.

Picture 013

He did good!

Picture 015

Hearty, Healthy and Amazing!

And, a friend recently pointed out to me that Geoff and Finn have an uncanny resemblance. Even down to their hairstyles and mannerisms.

What do you think?


Kinda, right?!?!?! I knew I thought Finn was cute for a reason!