Weekend of L-O-V-E

Good Morning Bloggies! Sorry my weekend posts are always lacking – I just really like to enjoy my few moments off, and try to steer clear of all things electronic 🙂

Friday afternoon I got a tasty Turkey Pita with Avocado, Tomato and Sprouts with a side of Baked Lays. This completely filled me up for the rest of the day!

Because I ate at my desk, I went to the gym around 3:00 and ran for 30 minutes and did some strength training.

The rest of the afternoon was met with a variety of office fire drills so I needed a glass of vino after work. My coworker Meaghan and I went to Vapiano – one of those places where you get a card when you walk in and they swipe it as they pour. No pictures, but it was much needed.

I then hopped in a cab to head to the dive bar, The Dancing Crab to meet the fiance and friends. It was fun to catch up and just visit! Sorry, no pictures 🙁

Saturday – Valentine’s Day I woke up and attempted to surprise the fiance with a heart-filled breakfast. Here’s my attempt at a heart pancake. Note the red stains – I think those came off the cookie cutter – at least I tried!

I, on the other hand, noshed on an English Muffin and Tofu Scramble. Playing it safe.

After a fabulous morning of bill paying, my mom came over to celebrate her Valentine Birthday. We first headed to Neiman Marcus to get our make-up done. My face will appear later but I think this is finally the face I want to have for my wedding.

We stopped at Cassatt’s a New Zealand cafe in Arlington for a late brunch at around 3:00. I had an Italian Vegetable Frittata and a mimosa, but I forgot the camera! It was delicious!

After more errands I said goodbye to my madre and headed back to the apartment for our Valentine’s Lobster Feast. We had ordered a giant steamer pot for $69.99 from our local seafood guy. It included: 2 lobsters, 2 Alaskan King Crab Legs, Clams, Shrimp, Corn, Potatoes, Melting Pot Fondue and Strawberries. Bargain!

We started with my FAVORITE.

And then we began the timely steamer pot process.

Here’s me saying goodbye to Cliff and Maude (I named them. Maude was the little one).

Kisses goodbye!

Thumper said goodbye too:

And there we go:

Here were the rest of the fixings, waiting to go into the pot.

The table:


The clams and crabs:

And the shrimp:

We were stuffed! What a delicious Valentine’s Dinner!

Sunday I woke up still filling full, and had an English Muffin with PB.

We then headed to PetSmart and AKA Spot for a Thumper day of beauty / day of torture. He was so freaked out by the time we got to the dog bath he was tried to climb onto this third shelf to hide.

Poor guy! But, he is smelling oh-so-lovely now! We came home for lunch and had Boca Bruschetta Patties with Cheese and Spinach on Pepperidge Farm Sesame Buns.

And some Sour Cream & Onion Chips on the side.

I then hit the gym and did 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 on the elliptical, 10 rowing and about 30 of strength training. I then took my grandmother and cousin out to dinner at the 4P’s in Falls Church where I had a Cup of Potato Leek Soup and I split a Salmon Spinach Salad with my grandmother. Once again, I forgot my camera! Ugh!

And today I woke up to Cottage Cheese & Preserves with an English Muffin and PB.

I am CONVINCED my company is the only one working today! What do you like to do on a day off? I LOVE errands. Car wash, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, gym, the whole works!


By: Updated: February 16, 2009