Was Yesterday Wednesday?

Like I mentioned yesterday, my whole week was off, but when I got to the gym, Bill’s class was not going on. Another woman was teaching it – and from what I observed – pretty badly. So, in lieu of my planned workout I ran for 30 minutes, did 15 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the stairmill. I was POURING sweat!

But, let’s go back to lunch. It was a repeat of the day before – Flat Out Wrap with Avocado and a Boca Patty, Strawberries and Yogurt.

I had an orange mid-afternoon.

Some edamame when I got home from the gym.

Picture 063And a slice of Amy’s Spinach Pizza. I love the crust of this brand of pizzas. Just the perfect consistency!

This morning started out boring. I can’t even talk about it.

necco-conversation-heartsYou know what’s not boring though? Valentine’s Day. It’s just two days away! It’s also my mom’s and grandmother’s birthday, so I’ve never really viewed it as a romantic holiday. AKA: Hallmark holiday.

What do you think about V-Day? Hallmark Holiday or Pink and Chocolate Heaven?


By: Updated: February 12, 2009