Wahoo Weekend!

It’s finally HERE! The weekend! After a three day week last week, no office internet for two days AND icy roads this week seemed neverending. But it has finally come to a close!

Dinner last night was made using the remains of the kitchen to create Peanut Shrimp Pasta. Ingredients included: Penne Pasta, Frozen Shrimp, Scoop of Organic Peanut Butter, Milk, Pine Nuts, Spicy Peanut Dressing, and Sesame Seeds. I was literally opening cabinets and saying, “This would be good in here!” And a star was born!

Picture 003

Picture 005

Picture 004

I decided not to do the gym this morning. I am still recovering from this cold and my body is saying “uncle!” For breakfast I made an Egg McMuffin. I toasted an English muffin, microwaved a beaten egg in a bowl for 1 minute and 15 seconds, added some shredded cheese, and a spread of TJ’s Artichoke Spread.

Picture 010

Picture 015

Verdict? Delicious! The artichoke spread gave it the flavor it was missing!

And I just snacked on this guy:

Picture 017

Picture 018

Definitely a treat!

Today is Powerball Friday! My coworkers and I have started a tradition of buying lotto tickets on Fridays. We can dream!

Also, my good friend Erin sent me this article in the mail that she’d pulled from Lifetime Fitness Magazine. It highlights exactly what most of us do – food blog!


By: Updated: January 30, 2009