Trusting Your Gut Instincts

As women, I would wager that our gut instincts are right about 90% of the time. You just get that “feeling” that something is amiss. Some people dismiss these instincts, but you HAVE to listen to them – do NOT tune them out. Whether if you think you’re sick, if a relationship is fizzling, or if you start to feel in danger do not ignore these feelings.

From a safety standpoint it is imperative to be aware while on walks/runs. So many of us bloggers and readers are runners – meaning we set out so often on our own – whether it be on the road, through neighborhoods or on trails. There are weirdo’s EVERYWHERE, but let’s be honest, how many times have you heard of a female jogger going missing or being found? Yea, a lot more than you hear that a crazy attacked someone in a grocery store. Albeit, that does happen.

This morning I’m on my run. Two miles were on main roads, but the last mile was along the Capital Crescent Trail. I normally don’t do the trail unless it’s prime running/biking hours because I believe in the whole “safety in numbers” thing. It was approaching 6:30 though, so I figured I’d just round out my loop up there.

It’s pretty desolate, and I noticed what I thought to be a woman walking/stretching in front of me. The reason I thought the he/she was female was because of their hair – it was big, blonde, curly and poufy from the back – like Miss Piggy.


The she-man’s body was very sculpted and tan, and as I got closer, I noticed the features to be much more masculine. As I went around the he/she I confirmed that it was a man and he/she looked at me in a weird way. That’s when I turned off the iPod and picked up my pace. Holy crap did I pick up my pace, I thought I was going maybe 8:30, but I was averaging about 7:15 the entire mile! Considering I’d been pacing around 10:00, I knew I wanted to get the ‘eff away from this person.

I mean, maybe nothing would have happened, but I had instincts and I followed them. But I couldn’t help thinking, “What would I do if I were attacked?” Scream like hell is was my first response. Then I thought I could duck into one of the neighborhoods and beat down someone’s door. But other than that, I was sort of at a loss. Kick? Run? Punch? Scratch?

I need a mace keychain / rape whistle.

Does anyone have one of these? I would hope I would never have to use it, but it just seems like another good line of defense.

What precautions do you take when you’re out on your own? Do you follow your instincts?

Sorry for the lack of photos yesterday! I’ll try to do a quick synopsis of the last five meals 🙂


I went out to my mom’s to help her with some stuff around the house, and we picked up lunch from the Tropical Smoothie Cafe in town. I had a Veggie Wrap with Baked Lays.

Veggie Wrap with Baked Lays

My sister suggested we drive out to Winchester – about another half hour west from my mom’s – and head to Gabriel Brothers, a discount store with some major deals from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Ann Taylor and more. We cleaned up and spent just $40. Seriously, I got a pair of shorts from Urban for $3.50. Bargain!

Now, in the summertime, every time we’re in Winchester we have to stop at Pack’s Frozen Custard. It will change your life.
Pack’s Frozen Custard

Small Raspberry/Vanilla Swirl.

Small Raspberry/Vanilla Swir

Can you hear the trumpets and angels????


Later that afternoon I had a snack of Whole Wheat Wasa Crackers with Light Laughing Cow and Strawberry Preserves.

Whole Wheat Wasa Crackers with Light Laughing Cow and Strawberry Preserves

For dinner, Geoff and my sister had some of a rotisserie chicken I got on sale for $3.00 at Safeway, but I had a small baked potato and salad.

small baked potato and salad

In the salad: Spinach, Chopped Dates, Goat Cheese, Mandarin Oranges, Pine Nuts, Zucchini, Balsamic Vinaigrette.


And two squares of this Lindt chocolate bar.

two squares of this Lindt chocolate bar

We also watched Taken. I recommend it.


Yesterday’s eats weren’t too exciting. GoLean & Eggs for breakie.

GoLean & Eggs for breakie

LARABAR Tropical Fruit Tart Flavor for mid-morning snack.

LARABAR Tropical Fruit Tart Flavor

It was like eating a pina colada! I want vacation back!

Lunch was a Whole Wheat Tortilla Wrap with Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato and Gorgonzola.and Stonyfield Farms Yogurt

Whole Wheat Tortilla Wrap with Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato and Gorgonzola.and Stonyfield Farms Yogurt

Plum for snack.
Plum for snack

And for dinner – it was another one of Quinn’s pasta mix-ups.

In a pan I sautéed a little olive oil spray and a clove of chopped garlic with some vegetable broth and added in some chopped mushrooms and zucchini.

mushrooms and zucchini

I then added some chopped shrimp, mango, Cajun spices, red pepper flakes and salt & pepper.

chopped shrimp, mango, Cajun spices, red pepper flakes and salt & pepper

I also added some chopped raw cashews, avocado and two Laughing Cow wedges to some farfalle pasta.



Winner! Perfectly light and delicious!


I also ended the meal with another two chocolate squares 🙂

After my adrenaline induced run this morning I came back to a Green Monster.

Green Monster

And a slice of Health Nut Toast with Mighty Maple PB.

Nut Toast with Mighty Maple PB

Breakfast of champions!

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