Thumper, the Amputee

Poor, Thumpy!

As we were getting ready for bed last night, Thump was lounging in front of the bathroom door.
dog 2

Not thinking his tail was in the way – Geoff closed the door to do his bid-nass.

I heard the shrill of the century come out of this cute muffin which caused me to shriek.

Geoff had shut Thumper’s tail in the door.

He ran straight into my arms, and at first I thought, “Oh, poor thing, that must have really shook him up and been painful.”

Then, with a flick of his tail (reason for his namesake) blood went flying EVERYWHERE.

Good thing I have white bedding. Oh wait…..

I quickly called Falls Road Animal Hospital to see if we should come in – the gash was that deep.

Two hours later, we were told he needed to have the tip of his tail amputated. The way it was wounded would not be easy to stitch and this was our only option.


We scheduled it for tomorrow morning, so please keep Thumper in your thoughts.
dog 3

Right now he looks like he’s waving a surrender flag with this thing.

He’s never going to be the same 🙁


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