There’s Only Two Types of People in This World…

…the ones who entertain and the ones who observe. In the words of Ms. Spears herself, it’s sort of untrue, isn’t it? Especially in the blog world. Sure, there are readers (aka: observers) and then there are writers (aka: entertainers); however, what about those of us that are both writers of our own blogs, but also who follow those of our blogmates across the country? Who are we? Just something to ponder.

Today was such a great day! I discovered Windows Live Writer. Rose had suggested it back in August, but after a computer mishap I left it forgotten. Well, I was fed up with dragging photos in that little box from Blogger, so here I am. I am a NEW WOMAN. How did I go without it for this long?

After breakfast I did some laundry around the house, ran over to my friend Sara’s and did the Girls Next Door workout on ExerciseTV. Yes, Holly, Bridget and Kendra. It wasn’t the hardest workout I’d ever done, but I figured, hey they’re Playmates — they must know something about maintaining an in shape body. And, I got to do it in the comfort of my living room!

Spicy Chicken Boca Patty


After my bunny workout, I had some lunch. A Spicy Chicken Boca Patty with Ketchup on a Whole Grain English Muffin. On the side I had my greens – some celery sticks and edamame.
And for dessert a banana.


I had four old bananas and decided to make some Banana Nut Muffins and a loaf of bread. They turned out great according to the fiance.

Banana Nut Muffins

loaf of bread

For those who know me, I have a really hard time just sitting still and being at home. I am constantly busy-ing myself running errands, visiting my dad, doing anything to make me feel accomplished. I think it was because for the past few years I had lived with draining roommates who I wanted to be away from and a dumpy apartment, so I was always escaping. Now that I live in a great new place I want to hang around, but I still have that guilt. So this afternoon I made the most of my afternoon by cleaning and planning out some wedding details. Oh! And we ordered our wedding bands online too! Stay tuned…

I got a bit hungry around 4:45, so I had some more Celery Sticks with Organic PB.

Celery Sticks

Dinner tonight was a Teriyaki London Broil served up by the fiance.Here it is pre-slice:

Teriyaki London Broil

And all sliced up with our new Cutco Knives.


It was a bit too rare in the middle for my liking, but the end pieces were Dee-lish!

On the side we had a Mixed Greens Salad with Tomato, Avocado, Mung Bean Sprouts and Peanut Dressing.

Mixed Greens Salad

We also had a small red bliss baked potato. Here’s my plate.

red bliss baked potato

red bliss baked potato

This was such a fresh and fantastic meal! The London Broil was $9.44 yesterday, which seemed steep, but it made enough for me to have a steak salad tomorrow and the fiance to have a beef sandwich. So that works out to about $2.50/meal. Bargain.

And I capped off the night with a Jell-O Sugar Free Rice Pudding Cup. Yum!

Rice Pudding Cup

Now it’s off to prep for the “real” work week to begin. I plan to pop by the Hay Adams Hotel at some point this week to catch a glimpse of the Obamas before they move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20th. Coincidentally, the fiance and I were at the Hay Adams the evening of our engagement January 1, 2008. Have great nights!


By: Updated: January 4, 2009