The Graduate

Good Tuesday Morning! I am BACK after a loooong weekend spent back at college. My baby sister graduated from Denison University (my alma mater) and we all went to share in the festivities.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We began Saturday joining my mother for a drink on the patio of The Granville Inn, which was also our hotel.


We chatted about my old days there, and what Megan was going to do next. At the moment, she was cleaning out her apartment. While we waited, we nibbled on a insanely overpriced cheese plate.


Geoff was beyond patient this weekend as estrogen levels were soaring!

When the graduate arrived, we ordered dinner. I got the Chicken Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Served with Roasted Red Peppers, Artichokes and Eggplant.
Roasted Red Peppers

I know what you’re thinking, “Quinn, this meal has your name written all over it, and it looks phenomenal!”

Honestly, it was just ‘meh. Kind of cold to be honest.

This restaurant, and many like them in town, tend to raise the prices of EVERYTHING during Graduation Weekend and I find also skimp on the quality. Not. Cool.

That didn’t stop of us from trying dessert though. A Cheesecake Trio.

I tried a bite of the one on the right. Not bad.

We then decided to pose for photos around the historic hotel. At the end of our hallway was this portrait of a little girl. Fairly confident she was a ghostly spirit.
little girl

Then the estrogen came out for our family photo shoot. Again, thank you, Geoff.

“V” is for Victory!!!

A family that has fun together 🙂

We continued to have fun for another drink at the bar but dim lighting got in the way of photos.

Sunday morning our hotel at least offered free breakfast. I opted for yogurt + granola. A crisp start to the morning.

Strolling through town on the way to graduation.

It’s seriously JUST like Pleasantville.

It was a small miracle I never sat in the back of one of these during my four years there

The 3.5 hour graduation ceremony was a sea of people!

They even had food trucks for hungry family members, like Geoff.

There she is! Can you see Megan?!? Waldo?

She did it!!!!

I sported a fab-u-lous Sumaris necklace. LOVE statement piece jewelry 🙂

After the ceremonies we celebrated with some bubbly in Megan’s dorm room (you have to live on campus all four years at Denison).

She even set up a table 🙂

My Uncle Tom poured.

My mom toasted and breathed a sigh of relief that college tuition payments were over!

Megan reflected on her last four years.

And my cousin Kathryn and I played “I Spy” College Edition. I spy beer tabs!

Mom spied Half Filled Jugs ‘o Wine.

I spy Under 21 Signage.

I spy Late Night McDonald’s Remnants.

I spy Party Leftovers

We all decided upon seeing the gar-bage that it was time to head out. We made our way to my old sorority house before heading into Columbus for dinner.

And we even stopped at Megan’s. Rivals 🙂

Graduation dinner was celebrated at G Michael’s Bistro in Columbus’ German Village.

I ordered the Swordfish Special

G Michaels Bistro

In-cred-ible. Topped with crab meat this dish was light, flavorful and left me savoring each and every bite.

With dinner I enjoyed two glasses of Pinot Noir which went unphotographed.

It was such a weekend of celebrations and I am so thrilled for Megan. I wonder what she’ll do next…….