Sunday Funday

Another beautiful day in DC today! I love wonderful weather weekends! I will try to make this short so I can get out there and enjoy it.

After our late lunch yesterday, I was en route to take Thumper to the dog park, only to find as we entered (it’s more a field area enclosed in the woods off a trail) that a bunch of 20 somethings were having what looked like a drinking Olympics. Cool idea as we’ve embarked on Olympic season, but in the middle of the day? So Thump and I turned around and just went on a super long walk.

While on the walk, my uncle called to tell me he was having an impromptu going away party for my cousin, and would the fiance and I like to come. Since we had planned to be in PA this weekend, we had no plans so I said yes, but when I got home the fiance was snoozing on the couch so I went solo.

I come from a very Irish Catholic family where the motto is “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” so when I arrived and turned down the rum punch offer, the wine, the Manhattan, and every other drink under the sun, I’m sure people suspect I’m pregnant. Which I’m sooooo not, I just didn’t feel like drinking. But in my family, not drinking is blasphemous. Oh well!

They were grilling burgers and bbq fair, and unfortunately I forgot my camera. We finally ate around 8:30, and I had one grilled piece of zucchini, two slices of tomato, and some salad. I came home, read some blogs, and fell fast asleep.

This morning I started with the dog walk, and came home to have some toast with organic PB and flax while reading the paper and sipping some coffee. I FINALLY stopped sweetening my coffee. Just a bit of skim!

Bread Toast

From there, I headed over to the gym and did 45 minutes on the elliptical, 15 on the bike and a 60 minute total body conditioning class. I ALMOST backed out of the class because I didn’t like the instructor this week, but I did it, and now feel so much better.

A Whole Foods is right next to my gym, so I stopped over to get our groceries for the week. Look at my purchases — for just under $90.

Bear in mind, some of the more non-health items are for the fiance. He eats healthy, but he’s a guy, and he’s not the one running the blog 🙂

For lunch I had a Morningstar Chicken Patty, some Laughing Cow, buffalo sauce on an Ezekiel Sprouted Bun. Mmmm….

Ezekiel Sprouted Bun

For dessert / stamina to keep me going this afternoon I had a Luna Cookies ‘n Cream Bar.

Off to see my dad, return the Yorkie to my mom and run some more errands. Then back to prepare a recipe from the new issue of Rachael Ray, with a few slight variations! See you in a bit!


By: Updated: August 10, 2008