Signature Style, Part Two

One would think I wouldn’t have much of an appetite after Taste of the Nation last night – not so.

And it’s not like I worked out all that hard this morning.

30 Min Elliptical and Arms

30 Min Elliptical and Arms do not an athlete make.

Yet I still grabbed a snack at 10:30.

Pepperidge Farm Wheat Crisps

I was trying to tide myself over for a luncheon hosted by Mindy’s Catering today in my office. An apple would have been a better choice, I realize this.

Mindy's Catering

Goat Cheese, Walnut & Dried Cherry Salad

Goat Cheese Walnut Salad

Potato Salad on the right made with Blue Cheese Crumbles – OMG

Potato Salad on the right made with Blue Cheese Crumbles

Curried Couscous with Raisins

Curried Couscous

Salmon Skewers with Spicy Avocado Sauce

Salmon Skewers

Assorted Wraps & Sandwiches


Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

Bars & Brownies

Bars and Brownies

I sampled a bit of everything. Hands down though, potato salad was my favorite. It was really light, and I typically hate potato salad!

How to Series, Having Signature Style

So, probably the single most important item a woman needs to have in her closet is a Little Black Dress.

Black Dress

Flattering photo of me in the locker room this morning, huh?

There are a multitude of reasons you should have this item in your closet:

  • It’s versatile;
  • Perfect for work;
  • Easily transitions from day to night;
  • Classic piece, but can have a trendy edge with accessories;
  • You never know when you’ll have to go to a funeral 🙁

The last one may be morbid, but it’s true. I have had two funerals in my lifetime where I found myself without anything appropriate to wear that was black. Don’t be caught off guard.

On a happier note, what I love about this dress is that you could literally wear it five days in a row and change the look each day so that no one would be the wiser.

Here are some of my favorite items to pair it with:

Bib Necklace

Bib Necklace

crystal bib necklace

Chunky Strand of Pearls


Bright Colored Jacket or Sweater

Bright Colored Jacket

So, moral of today’s tip is to get a basic black dress. Don’t worry about spending a bit more on this item either – it’s a classic piece that will pay you back dividends over the long haul!