Road Trip – College Style

So for those of you who don’t know – I’m going to be hitting the road to head back to college this weekend for my five year reunion. Crazy!

In the Fall of 2000 I began my college career experience at the small Denison University in quaint Granville, Ohio. My parents loved the town of Granville for its Victorian charm.

Welcome to Granville, Ohio

I loved it for its two bars: Brews and The Villa (may you rest in peace).

We were just a short 25 minute drive from the urban mecca that is Columbus. Albeit, we never really made it into downtown Columbo – just Easton Town Center – an outdoor shopping and dining amusement park complex where we would spend our few dollars at buying movie tickets whilst donning lax sweats, noshing on lettuce wraps at PF Chang’s and buying formal dresses at Forever 21.

Many a day I would spend in the Kappa Alpha Theta house, where I served as chapter president.

We couldn’t live in the house, as in the town of Granville, more than six women together living in a house was considered a brothel.

Denison has many famed alums:

Steve Carrell (who was recently back on campus this spring and my sister accosted him in the bar, yes she goes there too)

Jennifer Garner (met her and her first husband, Scott Foley, when they came to campus to present my junior year – the height of Alias)

James Frey (whose book, A Million Little Pieces, was “loosely” based on his experiences at our fine alma mater)

Michael Eisner (head of Disney, who didn’t give me a job when he came to talk careers with graduating seniors. Still bitter about that)

Anyway, those are just a few facts about my good ‘ole alma mater. I will be blogging from the dorms – so expect to see a potential drogging, as Miss Caitlin herself would say!

See you all in Ohio!


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