Quinn’s Favorite Things Giveaway!

Oh. My. Gosh. With the holidays upon us, I TOTALLY forgot about the Quinn’s Favorite Things Giveaway! What better season to host it!

Since I started, I’ve given away some of my most favorite things, and I hope the winners have enjoyed them!
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This giveaway I have used nearly every day for the past eight years. Geoff calls it my “Medieval Torture Device,” I call it my savior. I give you the Conair Ion Shine.

hair dryer

This hair dryer is AWESOME! It works like a brush and I swear blow dries your hair in half the time. I always flat iron my hair after, so this is perfect to make sure I’m all dry prior to straightening.

You can use it like this…

drying hair

Or my favorite maneuver, the flip and dry….

hair flipping or drying

And I want to share it with you!

Leave me a comment and tell me a hair horror story. It can be a bad cut, bad dye, gum in the hair, whatever, I just want to hear all the juicy details 🙂

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Deadline for the giveaway is Friday morning at 10:00 am! Good Luck!


By: Updated: December 9, 2009