OYA’s $10 Lunch To Go

With my last working day in Washington tomorrow, I’ve been packing in lunches about town with friends.

Yesterday, I dined with Olga, and she suggested we test out one of OYA’s new “$10 To Go” lunches.

While we waited in the bar for our orders to be completed, we snapped some photos of the gorgeously detailed decor.

Gorgeous Decoration 1
Gorgeous Decoration 2
Gorgeous Decoration 3
Gorgeous Decoration 4

I think it has quite the feminine touch. Dinner here would be among a stunning backdrop!

Our backdrop, while nice, was not quite as swanky. We took our to go lunches and headed over to the National Portrait Gallery to eat in their common area.

National Portrait Gallery

Olga and I ordered the same entree. Short Rib Sandwich. It came with chips and a small dessert.

Short Rib Sandwich

If you order the sushi to go box, you get seaweed salad or edamame. Not so with the sandwiches, and I have to say, I’d have rather had some seaweed salad in lieu of these.

But no way, no how would I have traded in this Short Rib Sandwich.

Short Rib Sandwich

I still am tasting this sandwich! Reasons why it hit such a home run?

  • Still warm
  • FULL of meat
  • Incredibly savory flavor
  • Melted in my mouth
  • Each chew was a better experience than the last
  • The bun.

Sometimes, I will forgo the bun on BBQ sandwiches and just eat the insides – but this one was so flaky, so sweet, so buttery, that I just couldn’t put it down.

My camera’s battery died prior to me taking a photo of the dessert, which were Carrot Ginger Bars. There was candied ginger throughout and a very light cream sandwiched between the cakes. YUM!

$10 OYA To Go Lunch is a definite win. Considering I spend almost the same at places like Potbelly, Devon & Blakely, Au Bon Pain, etc.for a turkey sandwich & chips and here I get to get a gourmet sandwich with a side and dessert for the same price? That is a win in my book!