Oh How I’ve Missed You So!

And I mean that! Five days w/out blogging has NOT been fun! This week has been THE week from you know where. And when I get home (after 8:00pm and having been in the office since 7:30am) I am just zapped. I have had two horrible nights sleep thinking about what I’m doing with my life and worrying about all the details of work, wedding, family, etc. I am hoping tonight is better!

But enough about me, how’ve you guys been?

And moreover, let’s get the highlights!

Saturday morning I went with my friend Sara to her gym in Bethesda. It looked like a cruise ship. I am not kidding. Machine after machine after machine. And KIDS were working out! Not teenagers – CHILDREN! Insane! And I can’t even talk about the ladies locker room ethics. It was like I was in a nudist colony! Ewww, have some modesty!

Do the exhibitionist women in the locker room freak you out? What do you think of locker room etiquette?

After our workout we headed to lunch at a great panini place! I had a half salad with goat cheese and pine nuts and the Milano panini. Holy Yum! This bread had the perfect crispy outside, soft inside ratio!

Picture 009

Picture 010

The rest of my weekend was so relaxed getting things done before the fiance came back from his bachelor party in NYC. I love him, but it’s so nice when he’s gone!

He came home to a feast! Steak dinner, potatoes and salad. Am I a good fiance or what?

Picture 031

Monday and Tuesday were haphazard with eating. Work was so grueling that I was eating all over the place and not all that much. Last night however, in honor of Mardis Gras, I made Red Beans & Rice with Turkey Sausage.

Picture 040I used a little chicken stock in some brown rice, added cajun seasoning and done! The cajun seasoning did all the work!

Picture 041

I’m off to a meeting for Junior League and then home for a relaxing evening. Is anyone else totally over this week?!?!?


By: Updated: February 25, 2009