No More Long Weekend?

I LOVE long weekends, but it’s so sad to see them go. I had a great one full of lots of fun times with friends, outdoor activities and getting caught up on life. So, without further ado….


I took the day off – had to go to the dentist, overall get caught up with some errands. Breakfast were these oats:

Picture 077

Lunch was a lovely Chickn Patty on an Ezekiel Bun. And a leftover salad from the day before’s luncheon.

Picture 087

Picture 081

Worked out next to George Stephanopoulous at the gym earlier that morning too.

We hosted our friends Macy and Elizabeth’s engagement party Friday night. Geoff went to work right away helping:

Picture 099

I’m kidding 🙂 He was a GREAT help!

On the menu:

Roast Beef, Boursin, Avocado Roll Ups

Picture 108

Mini Pulled Pork Sliders (crockpot pork – I am an amazing chef :))

Picture 117

Picture 119

Tomato & Mozzarella Skewers

Picture 112

Key Lime Cookies (courtesy of Safeway)

Picture 095

Bacon Wrapped Dates. Not my best. No photo.

My friend’s White Bean Dip and Pita Chips.

Picture 115

Mini BLTs

Picture 090

It was such a fun party.

Picture 094

Complete with presents for the happy couple! Who doesn’t like a blue box! It’s my signature engagement present. Matching champagne flutes.

Picture 102

And Thumper ate a bird later that night. I can’t even talk about it.


Went to the store early to get some ingredients. Saw some grapes – suckers cost $8 – here’s what $8 grapes look like:

Picture 121

Geoff made breakfast!

Picture 124

Banana French Toast and Light Sausage

Picture 127

Biked to gym early with hubby and had a killer workout. Came home for lunch.

Picture 131

Then headed to VA for my friend Sara’s final wedding gown fitting. She will make the most beautiful bride!

Saturday night we vegged at our friend Sara and Bret’s apartment by their pool and ordered Taquiera Poblano. I had the Crab Quesadillas.

Picture 147

Just the perfect size!

Picture 148

And delicious!

Picture 150


Picked up new cabinet from Crate & Barrel. Realized I ordered the wrong color. But, surprisingly it works in the room.

Picture 158

Headed to Loehmann’s and Macy’s with friends Miranda and Sara. Bought a dress, a top, and workout pants.

Stopped for lunch. Had half a tomato/mozzarella sammy

Picture 153

and some pineapple and melon.

Picture 151

Picture 156 Came home, napped (which I NEVER do), and went back to Sara and Bret’s for more pool lounging.

Headed to O’Sullivan’s in Arlington where I confronted/educated a motorcycle club who were in town for Rolling Thunder about the importance of helmets. It’s a wonder what a beer or two will do for the courage factor.


Woke up, returned my friend Sara’s Explorer to her apartment and ran on the path home – about two miles.

Returned a top to Anthropologie, checked out Home Goods and found THE BEST Harris Teeter ever. Lots of Buy One, Get Ones AND a $10 off coupon. Score!

Finished setting up the apartment, called some family and settled in to adjust to another work week.

Cooked dinner:


Picture 162

Corn on the Cob (I LOVE the summer season!) I only use salt & pepper – no butter!

Picture 166


Picture 170

All Together

Picture 172


Picture 175

And then the Jon & Kate episode everyone was talking about. God, how sad is that? Turn those cameras off already!

And then I had dreams about J&K all night. Weird!

I had no idea it was pouring this morning, which made for a fun dog walking experience. Breakfast was something I haven’t had since last summer! Egg Sandwich with Light Cheese and Buffalo Sauce.

Picture 176

I forgot how much I loved this.

A short work day for me today. I have a long overdue date with the DMV.

How do you feel about the DMV? Have you had good experiences? Nightmares?