My Luck Was Down, and Then it Came Back

good luckHere are some ways I’ve been unlucky today:

* I woke up at 5:00 am to go on a run, but before I left walked Thumper. Came back to apartment. All fired up to grab my iPod and go! Realized I’d locked apartment door. Took a big long walk with Thump, sat in the grass, thought about how many miles I could have run in the hour and 20 minutes I waited until Geoff woke up. Great start.
* I left my camera cord at home – again. For the third time this week.
* My YSL Cover Stick ran out of make-up. I also have three prominent blemishes on my face. That’s what happens when I claim I have “flawless skin” to the blog world.
* I have my mid-year review. While singing my praises, I am told for the bajillionth time in nearly four years that due to the economy they can’t find any money to give me. Yet there is money to hire someone else in my department – more junior – and for more money than my salary. Uh-mazing.

Here is the one redeeming quality of the day (aside from me being able to walk, see, breath, have a great husband, family, friends, blah, blah)

* I won $200 in a scratch off ticket.

Seriously! I NEVER win those things and when two coworkers asked if I wanted to head to the liquor store up the street to buy one Powerball and one scratch off ticket each, I figured – why not! And here I am $200 richer! Keep your fingers crossed for the big $160 million win tonight!

new_apple_ipod_shuffleAs the camera cord is in absentia, I will get along with my favorite highlight of the week: Workout Playlist Wednesday.

* The Seed (2.0), The Roots, 4:28
* Battle Cry, Shontelle, 3:33
* Bottoms Up, Keke Palmer, 3:41
* Every Picture Tells a Story, Rod Stewart, 6:00
* Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus, 3:22
* Roll the Credits, Paula DeAnda, 4:16
* Extraordinary, Liz Phair, 3:24
* Breathe, Michelle Branch, 3:31
* Who Can it Be Now?, Men at Work, 3:20
* Jeannie Ortega, So Done, 3:18

I promise, promise, promise I’ll be better with the camera cord! My luck is up – after all!


By: Updated: August 12, 2009