Making the Time for Dinner at the Table

I was reading an article on the train this morning from last week’s Newsweek with First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover. The title of the article was: “Michelle on a Mission: How we can empower parents, schools, and the community to battle childhood obesity.

Michelle Obama ring

The article, authored by the First Lady herself, outlines her commitment to combating the childhood obesity epidemic plaguing American children today – mostly through her new nationwide campaign, Let’s Move.

Let’s Move

Let’s Move isn’t trying to turn back the clock on obesity, but rather, teaching ourselves, and our children, to raise a healthier generation of kids.

An excerpt from the article:

And with many parents working longer hours, or multiple jobs, they don’t have time for family meals around the table anymore. It’s now clear that between the pressures of today’s economy and the breakneck pace of modern life, the well-being of our kids has too often gotten lost in the shuffle.

I totally get it! I mean, between working long hours, commuting, gym, catching up with friends, volunteering, blogging, it’s easy to plop ourselves in front of a television and make eating for function take precedence of eating as a family.

Now, Geoff and I don’t have a family yet. We have our pooch family, but no actual little people. That doesn’t make us exempt from being passive at mealtime. In our new home, we have made a commitment to eating together at the dining table every night – no matter the hour.

sandys dinner table

***Not our actual table***

We like to think that it’s our time to connect with one another after a long day, converse and enjoy a meal that is not eaten in the car (breakfast) or at the desk (lunch). Because as my mother has always told me, “The meal should never be more important than the conversation and people you are with.

Last night was no different. I got home, and quickly began cooking some thin pork chop cutlets on medium with a bit of Adobo seasoning and some frozen artichokes.

Pork Chops and Artichokes

Served with Steamed Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes

Steamed Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes

Adobo Seasoning is one of my favorite little wonders in a jar. It immediately enhances the flavor of any meat.


Steamed Frozen Vegetables that I microwaved for 6-7 minutes, and tossed with some salt & pepper.

Steamed Vegetables

And Roasted Potatoes with some Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning.

Roasted Potatoes

A wonderfully flavorful and seasoned healthy meal, eaten at the table with the best date in the world.

seasoned healthy meal

Dessert was a few sqaures of Mint Dark Chocolate from a shop in NYC that the lovely Miss Healthy Apple brought me this past weekend.

Mint Dark Chocolate

Ummm, might be my most favorite chocolate next to Lindt Sea Salt bars – holy yum!

Served alongside a splash of skim milk.

skim milk

Now, your homework for the day:

1. What are your views on the childhood obesity epidemic?

2. Do you eat at the dinner table? If not, will you when you have kids (if you plan to have kids)?

Geoff and I want to start the precedent now, so that as more activities pile up in the future with little ones, we’ll be ahead of the game – we hope 🙂

Breakfast this morning was, unlike dinner, eaten on the run.

PB and Flax Sandwich

Whole Grain Toast with Organic PB & Flax Sandwich

Now I am sipping a Starbuck’s Venti Skim Misto (I caved!) and multitasking in the office!

Woo Hoo for Thursday!!!

Random Fun Fact About Me: My father’s profession was a horse dentist.