Lenten Promises

I may not go to mass weekly, but I certainly practice two things that Catholics do really well.


Each Lenten season, I dutifully leave meat out of my diet on Ash Wednesday, and every Friday through Easter.

Today being Ash Wednesday, I set out to find a meal I could eat.

But, that’s where a wrench was thrown into things. In an utter move of self-denial religious sacrifice, I also decided to give up cheese for the next 40 days. Do you know how many few sandwiches there are without cheese or meat?

Luckily, I was craving sushi for lunch. Hooray!
craving sushi for lunch

I treated myself to a sampling of rolls from a nearby buffet.

Tuna / Avocado

Eel Galore
Eel Galore

I LOVE the unagi sauce. Like the Frank’s Red Hot lady would say,
“I put this s*%$ on everything.”
And my greens – Seaweed Salad.
Seaweed Salad.

The downside about seaweed salad is its insane ability to wedge itself like dental floss in every single tooth.
mixed Seaweed Salad.

And for something sweet – mixed fruit.

Not sure how long I can abstain from cheese, but it will be an interesting challenge! And with sushi options, I think I can do it.

Did you give up anything for Lent this year?

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By: Updated: February 17, 2010