Leftover Lunch with a Side of Pandora

I’m prepping for a big 3:00 meeting today, so lunch was eaten in Le Cafe de Cubicle. Who am I kidding? I eat lunch at my desk four out of five days a week!

On Le Menu:

BBQ Tempeh on Nature’s Own Double Fiber Bread with Sliced Tomato, Spinach and Avocado

Picture 239

Picture 244

I really love this BBQ tempeh! Tangy and chewy with a hint of spice. Talk about flavorful!

Dessert Concoction: Plain Oikos, One Splenda, One Banana

Picture 238

All Mixed Up

Picture 247

The Splenda didn’t mix around too much though and I kept getting little zaps of sour from the yogurt. I love the Oikos, but the plain is better suited to smoothies and other recipes.

Whilst lunching I am listening to some retro Sting on Pandora. If you haven’t tried Pandora yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. It saves my work days. You select an artist you like, and it builds a music station around those preferences. You can say you like songs, or don’t like songs, and it will tailor the station to your ideal music!

Afternoon Question of the Day: What is your favorite genre of music? Or if not genre, artist?

I am a HUGE sucker for anything 80s! Journey, Genesis, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Belinda Carlisle – love it all!


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