Just Call Me Senorita

I am Mexican’ed OUT! Phew! Last night = Mexican. Lunch today = Chipotle. Tonight, I am having Peruvian. I need to head north!

Yesterday’s lunch was a tasty little wrap with some avocado, Boca Chik’n Patty, and Spinach but it broke 🙁


After work it was a beautiful evening, so I put on my sneaks and went on a run along the Mall. I ran past the White House, down to the Washington Monument and around the WWII Memorial then back up to my office. I LOVE living in DC. It offers some of the BEST scenery to run by!

When I got back I wasn’t quite cardio’ed out, so I hit the elliptical for 20 minutes and did some lifting. I felt GOOD!

Then it was off to RFD in Chinatown for a birthday celebration for my good friend Andrew. I had one Allagash White while toasting him.

I then hopped on the Metro and met my friend Sara at Cactus Cantina. At first I thought I really wanted a marg, but then I just didn’t want to waste the calories – there are about 500 or so in those suckers – so I had one Corona Light as we waited for our table and one for dinner. It was the right decision and totally refreshing!

I munched on some chips and salsa.

chips and salsa

And then had the Monterey Salad which was a bit of a disappointment as it USED to come with peanuts, but given the salmonella scare, that was like ancient history, they are still not serving them. Ugh!

montery salad

But, I still loved my greens, tortilla strips, corn, black beans, tomatoes, and cheese with cilantro lime dressing.

I was home by 10:15 and the husband was ASLEEP. What a fun life he leads!

This morning I started with some oats. Same as earlier this week and just as delicious!


After a walkthrough at the Newseum for a fall event and a meeting with a caterer at another site I was hungry when lunch rolled around. I didn’t have time to pack my lunch today, and a coworker was headed to Chipotle, so I tagged along.


Burrito Bowl with rice, cheese, pinto beans, tomatoes, corn and lettuce.
YUM! I prefer Chipotle to those other burrito places, don’t you?

I’m off to go running and run some errands. I have a bridal shower and bachelorette party tomorrow so I’ve gotta buy some food and drink as well as a dress and going out top! And then I have a birthday party at my friend Jess’ place.
I better get goin’!

I’ll see you all in the morning for a quick recap of my evening!