An Italian Pair

After the Foodbuzz Festival, I was contacted by Mezzetta who so graciously donated many of their products in our swag bags to see if I’d enjoyed what I’d sampled. I replied that YES I loved them, and would love to try a few more – particularly artichokes as they’re my most favorite food, hands down, on the planet.

And boy did they deliver! They sent some scrumptious looking samples that I put to good use tonight.

garlic bottle

Coupled with Whole Wheat Farfalle and some diced rotisserie chicken.

garlic bottle1

The marinara sounded really interesting with all the flavors listed.

garlic bottle2

And these babies? Need I say more…


Just like Sandra Lee, I prepared a semi-homemade meal tonight.


Diced the chicken, boiled the pasta, drained the artichokes and basically dumped all together.


Served alongside a glass of Pinot Noir…


The marinara had some SERIOUS kick to it! It was an awesome bite!


And the artichokes were out of this world. Some that I try are kind of tough and chewy, but Mezzetta’s were soft and perfectly marinated. LOVE their stuff!

Off to sip another glass of vino and keep purging some old clothes and other items we don’t use so we don’t have to move with them in the coming weeks!

Are you purging any of yourself for 2010?


By: Updated: December 28, 2009