It Hurts to Sit

Ow, ow, OW! I went to a new teacher last night for Total Body Conditioning, and her class was packed! She must have been nearly 60, but man did she work some crazy muscles! We did way too many of these! But I LOVED this woman. She really incorporated a lot of muscle combinations which forced my body to work HARDER! I will definitely be going back for more PAIN!

Before I left for my 30 minute elliptical and 45 minute torture session, I noshed on some edamame. Perfect little protein snack before a workout. Note the newest US Weekly with the newest winner of Biggest Loser. Those contestants are so motivating!

When I got home the fiance was marinating our burgers for dinner in some teriyaki sauce.

While he was marinating, I prepared a side salad. Spinach, goat cheese, slivered almonds and dried cranberries. I love salads with goat cheese because you really don’t need any dressing – the goat cheese does it all!

And here’s my plate with a little spoonful of leftover macaroni. We served up the burgers on a Thomas’ Light English Muffin. I really love these English Muffins because they’re chalk full of FIBER!

As a kid I hated burgers on English Muffins, but now they’re my new favorite. The texture is better and you don’t feel like you’re eating air like you do on a typical hamburger bun.

And then the fiance and I watched a little tv before I ducked off for bed. Did anyone watch MTV’s The City? Thoughts? I’m on the fence. I like Whitney, but all those shows are so staged!

Breakfast this morning was a repeat of yesterday – English Muffin with Organic PB, but with a Woman’s Multivitamin on the side.

Another workday for me today! The nice part about having it be quiet in the office is that I can get ORGANIZED! How do you keep your workspace organized? In honor of New Year’s Resolutions and working to better ourselves, here are AsktheDecorator.com’s Meghan Carter’s tips to unclutter your desk.


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