It Finally Happened

Yes blogland, I FINALLY got that head cold that has been going around. Honestly, I have not had a cold in such a long time, and I forgot how much they can kick your booty. So I will post briefly and get back to some tea and sliced orange.

After my blog posting nightmare yesterday, I was so glad our internet was up and running today. But, to recall the eats of yesterday, here are a few shots.

Lunch was a Boca Patty on an English Muffin and Yogurt

Snacked on a few pretzel rods.

Dinner was a delicious meal a la fiance. He made a breaded pork chop, baked potato and sliced tomatoes.

Then I had a fun little cookie that sort of reminds me of a part of the male anatomy. Call me crazy!

This morning I woke up to a sheet of ice. Poor Thumper starfished out when he tried to bolt out the door. I’m sure you all have heard Obama talk about DC not being able to deal with winter weather, but believe me, it was messy!

I woke to an English Muffin with PB. Original, I know.

I had a luncheon event today, and wasn’t sure I’d get a chance to eat, so in anticipation I had a Coconut LARABAR.

I have a new favorite!

Here are some shots from the luncheon. Beautiful and a success! We had 75 attendees! Aren’t the flowers gorg?!?!

When all was said and done I did get a few bites to eat. Here is a photo of the buffet:

And my plate:

A little sample of chicken, chilean sea bass, asparagus with goat cheese and raspberries, polenta cake with pine nuts and some roasted potatoes.

The guests and my clients raved about the food. Our caterer was Design Cuisine, a local DC caterer who is AMAZING! They worked many of the Inaugural Balls, and I highly recommend them to DC girls for weddings, corporate events, and MORE!

They also came with these bite sized desserts. Since they were so tiny, they didn’t really “count” so I had a carrot cake nibble. Ssshhhhh……

I had an alumni event tonight, but I skipped it to recuperate! The fiance and I dined on some leftover breaded pork chops, some parmesan roasted potatoes and sliced tomatoes.

My mom picked up our invitations today! Wahoo! I was worried. Get ready for photos of stuffing party central this weekend!


By: Updated: January 28, 2009