I’m in Need of a Good Book

UPDATE: I have been trying to post this since 10 AM, but our internet at the office was down ALL DAY!

Due to the declining economy I have decided to stop purchasing books, and hit up the library for some free “rentals.” However, I have yet to actually make it to the library, and I’ve read all my magazines for this month, so on my bus ride to work I’ve been catching up on my blog reading on the Blackberry. Thank goodness for technology.

I was so upset last night. Went to the gym, did a warm up on the treadmill and then walked over to the studio for some Club Strength. I had a strange feeling that something wasn’t right. I looked at the schedule and they’ve CHANGED it! It was Sports Circuit – NOT Club Strength. LIES!!!!!

So, I left and went home for some ExerciseTV. Check out Tina’s review of what it has to offer.

For dinner we had some yummy Taco Salad. Made with ground turkey and some frozen corn added in. It’s so easy, so filling, and so good!

For dessert I had a sliced orange, but unfortunately left out the photo!

This morning I awoke to SNOW! Of course, unlike back in the day when we would have snow days, I had to come into work 🙁 But, I still wanted that warm and cozy feeling so after many many breakfasts without it, I went back to OATMEAL.

Ingredients included:

1/2 Banana, 1/2 cup Oats, 1/2 Cup Milk, Cinnamon, Honey and Vanilla with Blueberries and PB on top.

Oh oatmeal, how I missed you so!

Now it’s off to fill out 71 pages of paperwork for my dad. He’s moving to South Boston, VA so I have to fill out all his release forms. Where the heck is South Boston you ask? Are there Sox there? Paul Revere? Patriots? Ben Affleck? The simple answer is no. It’s 6 hours away and almost in North Carolina, with not much around. Glad I have such an exciting new place to visit! Whoo!


By: Updated: January 27, 2009