I’m Getting Old

I see it more and more every day. My gray hairs continue to multiply at an unfair rate.

It’s not this bad yet, but lemme tell you, it’s coming. Found my first one when I was 14!

Example #2 of my aging was on Friday night. Geoff, his brother and fiancé and I went out after dinner to a local bar in New York. There were many, many, many college aged kids home from school. Many of them were obnoxiously doing these:


And smoking these:


While wearing outfits fit for a jazz dance recital.


Remember, time and place, and this was a hole in the wall bar. And you know what? Not to knock my college aged readers, but I wanted to call these girls’ mothers! Bad decisions! And then I realized, I was 21 once. Home on Christmas break, and glamming it up to head to Leesburg, VA’s Friday night hotspot, TGIFriday’s. Yea. All klass, all the time.

And my third aha! I’m old moment was tonight. My back and shoulders have been real tight and after a 3 mile run, they were screaming! I realized, once upon a time, I didn’t have to stretch, but these joints are not getting younger! They need constant stretching. Dear God, where are the Pampers?

After this life altering realization, I decided it was time to eat. I’d only had liquid all day! For starters, my ever favorite edamame.


With a sprinkle of sea salt, this is such a great snack. I could eat these by the bowlful! And I did!

Dinner was an easy peasy salad mix. Except, I swapped out the feta that was included with my cranberry blue cheese crumbles and extra slivered almonds for crunch.


Nom, nom, nom!

Now, where did I put that chocolate?

Have you had any “I Feel Old Moments?” Or, on the flip side, moments where you just felt way too immature for the situation?


By: Updated: November 30, 2009