If I Told You, I’d Have to Kill You

Good Morning! So, recently, some of my weekends have been less than forthcoming on my part on the blog. There is good reason for that, but, if I told you, I’d have to kill you 🙂 Just kidding, but all will come in due time 🙂 Good things, I promise!

But I can show you some of what I did and ate this weekend!

Friday I raced down to my office deli for a salad before heading home early (we think Geoff has le fever de piglet so I had to take care of him).


Later that night grabbed some grub. This sounded like something Geoff would order!

burger price list

Blue Moon refreshment.

refreshing drink

Bowl of black bean chili. Perfect for a cold and rainy night.

black bean chilli

Saturday morning my mom met me for lunch and shopping. She thought my apartment complex looked like “a college campus with all the fallen leaves.” Of course she made me pose!


Rose and I had such a good brunch last week at Red Dog Cafe that I thought we’d go there. Note: if you’re going for brunch, don’t wait til 1:30. They run out of a lot of items, but this Egg Sandwich was just the ticket!


I helped my mom shop for new clothes at Lord & Taylor and Talbot’s and then we both headed home to prep for trick ‘r treaters. Our building doesn’t have many kids, so we headed out to Virginia to our friend Amy’s new place.

We picked up a Pumpkin Ale Growler from Sweetwater Tavern on our way.

locked bottle

And looked through a boatload of menus.
Sweetwater even gives spice packets to rub your rim with. Mmmmm, it’s like pumpkin pretzel goodness!

spicy drink

She put her dogs Bella and Hopper in their costumes!


Thumper was a construction worker because he’s too “big boned” for other costumes if you know what I mean.


And we waited outside for the kiddies!

dog eyes blink

She even had her cat, Sully, dressed in a tie and jester hat. He was not pleased.
After the kids wound down, we watched The Orphan. Creepy, but really good for a Halloween night!

Yesterday for lunch we grabbed some eats while we were out.

Geoff’s plate.
food on plate

My plate:


And the healthier spouse is?????

We also dug into the cupcakes my mom had given us as part of our Halloween package! I had the pumpkin!

puff cake

Off to work! I promise I’ll share more soon 🙂


By: Updated: November 2, 2009