I Love My Job, Really….

Who’s having one of those days today? I am. Just because the sun is finally shining doesn’t mean I am. The internet server was down….again, for the bulk of the morning. I got a multitude of last minute requests – short order chef, it’s what I do. And just still feeling like overall garbage from this cold. Oh well, at least tomorrow’s FRIDAY!

Breakfast was a lovely pairing of Van’s Honey Oat Waffles with Frozen Berries. I love microwaving the berries because they get all oozey over the waffles!



And then I had another Coconut Cream LARABAR at around 10:30. Loving these things! Sorry, no pic though.

Lunch was had at the desk and was a Flat Out Wrap with Hummus, Tomato and Spinach with Celery Sticks and a Banana on the side.



I love those wraps!

I wanted to mention a company I saw on the Today Show the other morning. They are called Truly Wize Organic Bakery. And they specialize in some yummy looking cookies.


From their website:

Truly Wize was born out of Chef/Founder Caren Weaver passion for baking and her quest to create healthier desserts for her children. Through years of organic food research, Weaver became deeply committed to sustainable agriculture and its direct impact on our health and environment. The decision was made only the finest organic ingredients would be used in our handcrafted gourmet gifts. As a former New York chef who was trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Weaver possesses the highest standards for pure, fresh ingredients. She personally selects every ingredient used in our Pennsylvania kitchen. She Truly loves her work, which shows in every bite of her delicious creations.

Could be a very fun and healthy Valentine Care Package for someone! Which reminds me, Holy Crap Valentine’s Day is in just 2 weeks!


By: Updated: January 29, 2009