Happy 6 Month Anniversary!

I’m not one for anniversaries, particularly at the month mark, but what better way to start a week with something pseudo-momentous, and when I have five friends who’ve married and divorced in under a year, I’d call this significant. Six months ago today I married my best friend (sappy, I know. As Geoff himself would say, “Blech!” We are NOT PDA type of people!).

It has been a fabulous and wonderful six months. He has shown me support, picked me up when I’ve felt down, made me laugh, and pushed me to do things I never thought possible.

Despite his traffic outbursts and love of Mario Kart and mayonnaise, he’s truly my other half and I can’t imagine one second of my life without him!

I can’t remember if I shared our story, but we met March 6, 2006, my first day with our mutual employer in our fine city of Washington, DC.

husband and wife

He resigned from the company that same day, but was counteroffered to stay. Lucky for me i had more time to get to know him.


I asked about him to friends, but they said he had a long-term girlfriend whom he had moved from New York to be near. Oh well, I’m not a home wrecker, so we went along just being friends.


In May of 2006 we went on a work retreat to Atlantic City, and we talked for the bulk of the evening. We had so many of the same thoughts and values – despite his old age 🙂

quinn and jeoff

In June 2006, he was still dating the girl, and would often confide in me about his life. One day in particular he said, “I can’t get married. I don’t want to get married.” To which I replied, “One day, when you’re old and gray, do you see yourself with her?” And to that he surprised me and said, “No, I see myself with you.”

Picture of geoff and quinn

It was not long thereafter that we began dating. He supported me then through many ups and downs and we began to push one another in our careers.

typical love

typical love

We celebrated his 30th.

at party

Took many trips together.

in the party

in dinner

in picnic

And even adopted the true love of our lives.

with the pet

At the tender young age of 25 (well, young meaning me)..

new year party

Geoff asked me to marry him at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, January 1, 2008.

in the party

And 14 months of engagement, pre cana, family stressors later, he still didn’t leave me 🙂

wedding picture

And I stayed with him only for his signature sprinkler dance floor moves.

wedding dance

We continue to explore the globe and live each day to its fullest with one another.

travelling picture1


And who knows where life will take us from here, but as long as he’s by my side, it will be the best ride of my life.

reception party

He has a particular knack for making me laugh, and he does an amazing job of taking care of me. From placing a blanket over me as I drift off on the couch to yanking me back from oncoming traffic at crosswalks, he does it all. Especially yesterday, his support and love were overwhelming!

I am one lucky lady, and can’t wait for another six months!


By: Updated: September 21, 2009