Fabulous FoodBuzz Weekend Part Five

I left my heart in San Francisco. I really really did. What a weekend! I have been putting off this last post because I feel like then it will really be final 🙁

Sunday morning the alarm went off at 6:30 as over drinks Saturday night I apparently decided it would be a good idea to go on a run with Kath, Tina and Shannon. Thanks Mr. Martini, thanks.

Bear in mind that my hotel was about 1.5 miles from their hotel, Hotel Vitale, so I had some running to do even before I met up with them. On my way I snapped a photo that looked much cooler running by than it actually does on film, but what the hell, here it is.
road Picture

Those girls are some little speed demons! I ran about another mile with them, then broker off to circle back up to my hotel. All in all a good little run that allowed me to sweat out some of that booze. Take that, Mr. Martini.

Whilst packing up I sampled the Frog Hollow Farms pear. Ummmm, delish!

After asking the Wyndham to store our crap ton of bags, we headed down to Restaurant Lulu for the Foodbuzz Goodbye Brunch.

Bloody Mary Bar sponsored by SKYY – no, I did not imbibe. Day drinking is not my thing – weird, I know.

Cool wall art!
I was thrilled that they had salad options. My body was in serious need of some veggies!

My plate: mini croque monieur, mushroom Kerrygold frittata, salads!
croque monieur, mushroom Kerrygold frittata, salads

It was so sad to leave! FoodBuzz put on an AMAZING event. Words do not describe the type of company they are. L-O-V-E. Thank you for a fabulous time with delicious eats and tremendous people!!!!!!!

We still had the full day to explore the city as a few of us had red eyes back to our respective homes.

We stumbled on a Veterans Day Parade!
Veterans Day Parade

Ashley was interviewed for the local news while we watched! Tres cool!

We broke off into small groups and Allison and I headed toward the Pacific. On our way we walked through a fabulous farmer’s market.
How many amazing outdoor markets can one city have? I mean, really! Heaven!
Then we saw the Painted Ladies from the opening credits of Full House. The real Full House house is actually located at 1709 Broderick Street – which we never found.


Remember the final scene of the theme song?

We passed a pretty church at USF. Check out the BLUE sky!
Golden Gate in the distance.
We were told that the Cliff House was the place.to.be. Little did we know it was 5,000 miles from where we began. Ummm, apparently the map wasn’t to scale.

Some blistered feet and a bus pass later we arrived!
Cliff House

Check out these kickin’ views!
With a 30 minute wait, an expensive menu and a hungry (shocker, I know) group, we opted for a less expensive spot. While deciding the girls were laughing over how exhausted we all were.
We ended up at the Seal Rock Inn. Divey diner with great views and a spunky waitress/owner. I ordered the Greek Salad and was told I “had to get the dressing.”

She then called me “girlfriend” as she brought out my dish. Sass-a-frass!
Sass frass

See what I mean about craving those veggies! My body was calling!

We bused it back to our hotel where I took all my swag from FoodBuzz and Danica (Seriously, how friggin’ awesome are you and your hubs, Jay?!?!!? Words can’t describe. Visit me in DC!!!!!) and headed to the FedEx Store to ship it back to DC. 16.1 pounds and $27 dollars later, and I was feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, quite literally.

We shuttled to l’aeropuerto and instantly were separated as we were all in different terminals 🙁 I miss my blog friends!

Security was nuts! They a) made me check my suitcase (I wish I could get reimbursed $20 from the mean security gatekeeper), b) wait in a 30 minute line (wanted to take photos but thought I would get detained or something, and c) made me go through a weird special security sensor. Because, you know, I just scream terrorist.

Once I got through I sat down at a cute cafe for dinner. I mean, as if I needed it.
FRUIT! Hallelujah!
And a Turkey, Avocado, Tomato and Lettuce Sammie. I took off the top layer of bread to make it open faced and less carbalicious.
Turkey, Avocado, Tomato and Lettuce Sammie

The flight home was on time, but I could NOT sleep. I did catch a great episode at 4am of Broke and Famous on VH1. Fascinating stuff, I tell ya!

When we landed at 5:30, I was one of the first to deboard, the first to get on and off the shuttle, the first to get my bag, and quickly hopped on the shuttle to the economy lot. Something was bound to go wrong.

It did.

I had my car keys, but not the ignition key. They were separate because when I valeted my car for Miley last week, I had to leave it with them, and being the dummy that I am, never put it back on the chain. I think it got lost somewhere or fell out of my pocket. And my cell was down to the last little bit of battery.

I was on the brink of meltdown. Actually, that’s a lie, I was sleep deprived – it was a full on breakdown. I called Geoff, quickly told him my parking lot quadrants before the phone died and he drove all the way to Dulles to bring me a spare.

I had to wait an hour though in a 42 degree car. I opened the contents of my suitcase to warm up, and I think I looked like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation when he gets locked in the attic:
image 3

I went into work yesterday and could not believe I was still awake and functional a warm body.

But it was sooooooo worth it all! I miss everyone oodles and can’t wait for next year! Thanks, FoodBuzz – you guys are un-be-lievable! Now, let the detoxicfication begin!


By: Updated: November 10, 2009