Eat, Paint, Repeat

I feel like all I’ve been doing since Friday has been eating and painting! Well, maybe that’s because I have been. Yesterday we started bright and early with coffee and bagels from Einstein Bagels.
coffee bag

I marked everyone’s cup of coffee so we wouldn’t get confused.

We had to eat standing up in the kitchen because we don’t have furniture in here yet.

We figured everyone would enjoy veggie cream cheese.
veggie cream cheese.

I had a Sesame Bagel with some Veggie. Yum!
some Veggie

Like my serving dish? Oh wait, yeah paper towels. We’re in survival mode!

Thumper observed, per usual.

We realized we needed more ceiling paint and it took three adults, a Garmin and an iPhone to finally find a paint store that carried Benjamin Moore.

While Geoff found more paint, we continued to prep the rooms. Check out the old wallpaper discovery in our master!

I’m glad I married such a handy husband.
swte worke

This will be our bedroom, a Mediterranean Breeze blue. It’s important to paint the edges first.
home work

The biggest transformation happened in our soon-to-be office. Before:getmedia


While cute, a pink room just isn’t for us. We also painted the living room, and let me tell you, when all was said and done, we were starving for dinner. We went up the road to an Italian place in Towson called Strapazza.

A glass of Merlot was definitely in order.

My camera also started to lose juice, so hence the blur. I had such a tough time deciding, but finally settled for the Chicken Picatta. I love capers!


By: Updated: January 3, 2010