DMV Horrors

If you’ve experienced a horrible time at the DMV, then you can empathize with me, and understand why when I left work at 1:00 and got home at 5:30 with nothing accomplished that an alcoholic beverage was in order.

So, here’s what I like to call “Quinn’s Day of Hell in Suburban Maryland.”

12:00 Eat lunch in office cafeteria quickly before departing. A Flat Out Wrap with Leftover Steak, Laughing Cow and Spinach

Picture 183

Picture 186

Strawberries and Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Picture 181

Picture 184

1:00 Depart office in DC for VEIP Inspection Station in the middle of freaking nowhere Gaithersburg. Look how close I am to the front!

Picture 192

2:16 Here I am guys! Hanging out in line – proud to show you how easy my day looks.

Picture 193

2:29 Day goes sour when I find out I don’t need to be at the emissions station – I just need a regular MD State Inspection at any local gas station.

2:40 Pull into random ass gas station. Clerk tells me it’ll be 30 minutes before they can see my car, and another hour for inspection. Fine. I have no other choice. But, DMV closes at 4:30 so I start to get panicky.

2:45 I really have to pee, and make decision to use random gas station bathroom. You may see a doctor’s appointment in coming posts.

3:20 Frantic woman enters gas station asking clerk to use his phone. She calls her friend to let her know that a) she has spent all of her money on medication and has no money for a pack of cigarettes and b) will said friend be bringing home some smokes later that night. She drives away cursing. I am fearing my life.

3:50 My car is done! It FAILED due to a crack in the windshield from a rock the lawn mowers flicked up onto my car. I cannot get my car registered in Maryland and I have to come back in 30 days and see the exact same mechanic to complete my inspection. Oh yea, and they charge me $64.99. Awesome.

4:05 Enter madhouse that is the DMV. At least I can get my license.

4:20 Make my way to the front of the line with all my paperwork. Passport, lease, bill with my name on it – oh wait, why does your bill say “Quinn X” on it? Note: my middle name is Quinn. So, despite the fact that my license, passport, etc. say “X Quinn X” because my bill is not with my first name I cannot get my license. Holy God.

4:22 Make my way into my car and proceed to cry. A lot. Call husband who has no words for me because basically this is the worst day ever. Have no realized I have WASTED my day. Feel incredible empathy for American immigrants who have to take an afternoon (and likely no pay) off work and go into these places only to not understand what is going on.

5:24 Finally enter my apartment. Walk pooch and pour a drink. It was that kind of day, and despite the fact that it was Monday, I think totally justified.

I dare you to beat that story.

After wallowing for an hour or so I started dinner. Shrimp Scampi and Corn on the Cob.

In a pan I added one tablespoon olive oil and one clove chopped garlic. I let it all simmer.

I then added one bag frozen shrimp and the tail end of a bottle of white.

I chopped up some marinated artichokes, and added the juice to the pan as well. I also added a chopped tomato, some parmesan and pine nuts.

Picture 195

Served atop a bed of greens with corn on the side.

Picture 205

Picture 198 No TV Summer is back in session!

With all the reruns we sometimes find that we get mad and irritable at the lack of options – on tv, how pathetic is that? Who am I? Roseanne Barr or something?

We are expanding our minds and spending our evenings bettering ourselves – reading, blogging, board games, talking, even walks. Try it – you will LOVE it.

And there are a few rules:

1. We can watch important Mets Baseball Games or have them in the background of whatever we’re doing – MUTED.

2. We can watch the Today Show in the morning.

3. We (I) can catch up on reruns of the Real Housewives of wherever at the gym.

Breakfast was simple and good. Toast with PB and Flax.

Picture 206

And lunch at the desk. Ezekiel Bun, Avocado, Spinach, Morningstar Chik’n Patty and Tomato.


Picture 212


Picture 216


Picture 218

Have you ever gone TV free?


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