Dear Santa: I Want a Dolly for Christmas

Not this kind of doll, but check out her glass eyes.

Bride and Groom

Yea, that’s me, unconscious at our wedding. For a good five minutes. Oy vey.

But in all seriousness, dolls / Barbies of any kind were much welcomed under my Christmas tree. Age three was my first dollhouse.

Cabbage Patch at five. Did you know there’s an actual hospital?


Barbie Newsroom – I was career driven.


Barbie Poolhouse

Barbie Poolhouse

My Little Pony Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe (this was my favorite, and still counts as a doll). Thank you, Google.

And the piece de resistance, my American Girl, Molly. Think it was the brown hair and glasses.

American Girl, Molly

Talk about a walk down memory lane! This stuff is so vintage!

Now, I don’t want another dolly (or a real life baby, get that idea out of your head Allison), but I do LOVE receiving presents. I used to peel back the tape on presents that sat under the tree before the holiday from out of town family and friends to see what was inside. And I can’t even talk about the lengths my parents went to to hide my gifts in the house because I was such a snoop. I’d like to say things have changed, but…..

I digress. As much as I LOVE receiving presents (ahem, Geoff, I have given you BIG hints this year 🙂 ), I love GIVING even more. I like to think I have a knack for giving the perfect gift. Maybe because I know how great it feels to get a great gift that I want to share that feeling with everyone I know and love. And you can definitely give gifts on a budget that are perfect for the recipient. Here are a few of my tricks for saving money while still knocking it out of the park.

1. Shop all year. Sometimes I see great things while I’m on vacation, or things go on sale at the end of a season that make me think of one of my loved ones. Buy it then. You’ll also have less running around to do come December. But remember, don’t buy it just because it’s on sale. Don’t buy crap.
2. Research. When shopping online, Google the store or item you’re purchasing first to see if there’s a coupon code associated with the product. I got Geoff a North Face fleece a few years ago from for $75 because I researched.
3. Think about the person. Does the person love to bake? Head to Home Goods for some stacked mixing bowls, add a cute potholder, spatula, jar of pre-prepped cookie mix with a recipe attached. Cute, personal, and cost effective. Think about things specific to the person and base your gift on that. Sports fan? Movie buff? You can get a great gift for each one.
4. Give from the Heart. I’ve learned over the past two years, that one of the greatest gifts you can give someone is your time. You can’t take all this stuff with you, but you can take your experiences. The fragility of life makes it ever so important to cherish our relationships. Cook a dinner for your friend and eat it with them, clean out your mom’s attic, sign up to do a race with your dad, take your grandmother to the nail salon and gab about the olden days while getting your cuticles done. Those gifts my dears, priceless.

Wanna talk about what wasn’t priceless? My lunch. Bo-ring.

Greens with blue cheese & cranberries and slivered almonds sans dressing.

Greens with blue cheese & cranberries,slivered almonds sans dressing




My good friends are in from San Francisco AND London tonight! Can’t wait to see them!


By: Updated: December 3, 2009