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The Danish are known for many noteworthy things.


Being Green (#10 in the world)
green energy

Hans Christian Andersen
hans christian

Viggo Mortensen (well, his parents are)



Æbleskiver are a Danish pancake, often served at Christmas. With just a week and a half to go, I figured, there’s no time like the present!

I met Aunt Else’s at the FoodBuzz Festival, and when the president, Chad, reached out to see if I wanted to try their cast iron pan and aebleskiver mix, I jumped at the chance.

A very heavy package arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago, and tonight was the night.

I had read up on Janetha and Allison’s blogs to see their trials and errors. I liken myself to Allison in many regards – love of wine, advertising background, school in Ohio, married with a dog, etc – so you’ll soon see where this is going.

Luckily, I had Chad coaching me over and over the whole way.

I started with the mix. I mixed 2 cups of water and 3 eggs together.

And then added 2 3/4 cups aebleskiver mix.

I was off to a good start!

In a medium heated pan, I added a dime sized amount of vegetable oil and poured in the batter.

I failed to listen to the part where he says, “Leave room for expansion.” I filled them to the brim. Uh-oh.

That’s when I added the fillers, ham and cheese.
cooking 2

After adding my toppings, well…….cooking 3
cooking 4

t was save to say Attempt #1 was a fail.

That’s when Geoff “I’m the Breakfast King” came in. And he said, “I’ll take the physical challenge.”


It sure wasn’t Double Dare, but it was beginning to feel like we were getting slimed.

He started better than I did and only put a little in each hole (TWSS).
cooking 5

He added the toppings.
cooking 6

And I read him tweets I’d received from Karena, “They’re super easy with chopsticks.” To which Geoff mocked in a girly voice and said, “Lies.”

At this point, it was after 8:00 and I knew he was beginning to get impatient when he said, “I’ve had it with quarter turns, I’m just flipping them!”
And here is the non-glamorous result.
glamorous result

Served with some lukewarm Campbell’s Sirloin Burger that also exploded in our microwave.
I have to say, the aebleskiver were delicious! The perfect merriment of savory and sweet. And it felt a little naughty having breakfast for dinner!

Despite the fact that the rotating didn’t go according to plan, we’re definitely going to use this again. Mainly because we don’t want it to beat us, but also because the dough was so good, and the fillings are truly endless. I think this is just one of those things that requires trial and error. Third time’s the charm, right?

To order an aebleskiver pan of your own (or a loved one, 11 shopping days left!), head on over to www.auntelse.com.

Or follow on:


Thank you, Aunt Else’s, for the opportunity to try such a unique product. Third time will work, I know it – well, hope so.

And I’m blaming my lack of Danish blood for my first two errors. I’m Irish. We dance.


We drink.

We gab.

Cook, we do not. Unless it’s potatoes, of course. We’ve got that down.

So now the real question is: Who gets to clean the kitchen?


By: Updated: December 14, 2009