Blogging from Central Ohio

It’s a beautiful day back here in Ohio and it feels great to be back at college! It’s been so fun reminiscing with old friends, and surprisingly really fun to stay in the dorms.

My friend Sara packed us sandwiches for the car. Turkey and Muenster with Lettuce & Tomato on Ezekiel Bread

Picture 265

Grapes and Car Reading Material

Picture 267

And a good amount of Sun Chips but they were not documented.

I forgot how much I hated that drive. Six hours is too much. When we got onto campus we promptly mixed a drink. Firefly Iced Tea Vodka with Lemonade.

Picture 270

And then we prepped for the night out. Dinner was this Clif Bar. Not the smartest idea.

Picture 269

There was an open bar in the academic quad from 9 – 11. They also had a huge dessert bar, which I avoided.

I had one glass of white wine and a Corona.

Then we hopped into this golf cart that drove us into town to go to the bar.

Picture 273

I had maybe 3 beers at the bar? Definitely too much drinking for one night, but I definitely drank more than that in college. I did eat more Sun Chips when we got home though, which I’m not proud of, which goes to show that alcohol really messes with your inhibitions. But, I’m not going to dwell on it – I’m just going to get over it.

We were up and at ‘em to run the school sponsored 5K this morning. Running up the first hill I started to rethink the experience and was really thankful for the Excedrin I took before leaving, but then thought of Meghann running her marathon this weekend, and thought, “This is a 5K, she’s running 26.2 miles, get over yourself and do it.”

Which lasted for a minute. We stopped maybe around the 3K point, once we got into town to stop for breakfast, so I’m definitely not as good as Meghann, but at least I was moving!

We went into Aladdin’s for breakfast, a very typical diner. I forgot how slow the service can be – so waiting for a cup of coffee was a bit unbearable.

I split some home fries with my friend Sara and had an English Muffin with Peanut Butter. Those pictures are on my friend Miranda’s camera, so they’ll be up later. So, all in all, it was a fairly balanced meal – a little bit of grease, some carbs and protein. I could really go for some fruit or veggies though.

Off to hop in the shower before we go to our class photo and lunch. Hope you all are having wonderful Saturdays!


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