Bachelorette Party in Charlottesville, Part Two

So hopefully by now you’ve all read the first half of Elizabeth’s Bachelorette Party in Charlottesville.

This is actually the fourth bachelorette I’ve ever been to. The first being my own, the second was my friend Sara’s in DC, then my friend Teeny’s in DC and now Elizabeth’s in southern VA!

This bachelorette didn’t get too out of control. After games, gifts and cocktails, we headed into downtown Charlottesville to what they call, “The Mall.”

The Mall

Within Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall area are loads of shops, bars and restaurants. I found these particularly amusing in one of the storefronts.

My friend Sara had done her research beforehand, and decided we’d dine at Zocalo.

Unfortunately a large group was still finishing up, so we had to wait in the bar area for our reserved table.

And admired the Bride-to-Be’s bling!

And not too long after we arrived, we were seated in a private area of the restaurant.
Bar Private Area

The restaurant was very cool and industrial looking.
Industrial Look

With everyone seated, I took a group photo.
Bar Group

And then we were given the menus. The selections all looked so amazing!

I decided on the scallops, and after giving our orders, we all cheers’ed for the B2B!

I opted for a Malbec and some yummy bread.
Yummy Bread

My friend Sara ordered the Polenta Fries as an appetizer and was generous enough to share. Ummmmm…..can I please have these in heaven? Please?
Polenta Fries

And then the waitress brought out apology shots because we had to wait so long. Thanks?

Don’t let the rim fool you. It was not sugar, but a peppery substance.

We sure didn’t look hesitant – although, in hindsight, I look absolutely toasted.

Well, maybe some of us looked hesitant 🙂

And then came the food – which we were all in dire need of after the booze. Remember, we only had crackers & cheese for lunch. Bad.

My friend Sara ordered the steak. I love the presentation!

My friend Kate ordered the salmon. Not a drop out of place!

And then there were my Chili Dusted Scallops with Carrot Vanilla Ginger Sauce.
Chili Dusted Scallops with Carrot Vanilla Ginger Sauce

The presentation was absolutely amazing, and each bite was better than the last. It looked like a firecracker with the tostados coming out from the center!

And this is how much we’ve grown up – after dinner we went back to the hotel, and I went straight to bed – by 11:00! The life of the party I tell ya!

Such a fun bachelorette that didn’t end with dinner. Many of the girls had spa treatments on Sunday before they drove back north. I had to sneak out early though to meet my mama for her birthday, Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year. But, that’s another post 🙂


By: Updated: February 15, 2010