April = Busy

Good Morning Everyone! This month is already super busy. We rarely have plans on weeknights and it seems like our evenings just keep getting booked up!

Last night was no exception. We crossed the bridge over to Virginia to help our friends Sara and Bret assemble their wedding invitations (well, I helped, the husband and Bret played video games – and they’re both in their 30s – it’s fine).

But first, they served up some dinner.

While cooking they had out some appetizers – all healthy!

breakfast dishes

Veggies, hummus, flax crackers and my new favorite item – Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus. Seriously, I might go buy out the store this weekend. It is THAT good!

And then the main attraction – steak fajitas!

The sides:


Toppings Bar:


Carne asada steak and peppers:


My plate all wrapped up:

food on plate

This meal was sooooo good – I cannot wait to try it at home. They bought the preseasoned meat at Trader Joe’s as well. Guess everyone can guess where I’ll be doing my weekend grocery shopping this week?

Assembling the invitations took no time at all! We started assembly at 8:30 (there were four of us girls) and we were done by 9:00! Talk about an efficient assembly line!

When we came home I had a little dessert. Two chocolate graham crackers and a sip of the husband’s milk.


And then I tuned in for the premiere of The Hills. Did anyone else watch? I seriously hate Speidi. Hate. Get over yourselves!This morning’s breakfast went back to my roots – OATMEAL!



In today’s bowl were:

* 1/2 Cup Quaker Oats
* 1/2 Cup Skim Milk
* Dash of Vanilla
* 1/2 Banana
* Dash of Cinnamon
* Squirt of Honey
* 1/2 Tablespoon Walnuts
* Dash of Salt
* Peanut Butter Spoon


Oh how I’ve missed this delicious bowl of warm goodness! And it’s almost 10:00 and my tummy has yet to grumble. Woo hoo!

A coworker had to put one of her pups down this weekend, so we’re all taking her to Chipotle to cheer her up at lunch. Despite the fact that I love me a burrito bowl, I PACKED my lunch and will be bringing it with me to the restaurant. I had to take charge!

Happy Tuesday!!!!!