All Stuffed Up

sinus infection medicineSo I’m pretty confident I have a sinus infection. I thought I had a bum contact lens a few weeks ago, but after changing it, I still feel a lot of pressure and discomfort behind my right eye. My whole head feels like it’s full of crap, and my jaw line aches – almost like I have a toothache. I don’t think I’ve ever had a sinus infection. I guess I’ll be booking a doctor’s appointment today! Ugh!

Due to my whole head clog situation, my 3.5 mile run on the Mall – despite the fact that it was gorgeous – was one of the most arduous and painful runs I’ve had in a while. I ran by the White House, around the Washington Monument, up one side of the reflecting pool, up the Lincoln Memorial steps, back down the other side of the reflecting pool and back to my office. Beautiful scenery, just had to really dig deep to get it done!

When I got home I snacked on a couple of the TJ’s Peanut Butter Pretzels but did not capture them on photo.

The featured ingredient in last night’s dinner was TJ’s Chickenless Barbecue. You can find it near their tofu/soy refrigerated products.

TJs Chickenless Barbecue

I heated it in the micro and topped it on some spinach with kidney beans, a dollop of Sabra, and some cheese.


Delish! The barbecue flavors were fantastic in this product and it wasn’t too rubbery tasting. In my opinion it’s really hard to replicate pulled barbecue, but this came pretty darn close!

I made Geoff taste a bite, who said it was good, but definitely no Carolina or Memphis barbecue.

And we watched Bottle Shock last night, so a glass of vino was in order.

Bottle Shock

Dessert was the much talked about Banana Ice Cream from Gena. I served mine with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a few chocolate chips.

chocolate chips

This stuff was GOOD!

The movie? Not so good. We turned it off before it ended. I hate doing that because I feel like when I’ve invested time in something I should see it through, but this was just really not good.

Breakfast today was back to the standby.

Green Monster

Half a Green Monster that I split with Geoff.

Ingredients included:

  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Heaping Handfuls of Spinach
  • 1 Cup Organic Skim Milk
  • 1 Tbsp Organic Peanut Butter

And a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and flax.

muffin with peanut butter and flax.

Bargain of the Day: BYOB Restaurants are a GREAT and fun way to save money, and a lot of major metropolitan cities are flourishing with them. Most can be found in Chicago, Philadelphia and New York, but many are popping up in Houston, Los Angeles, Austin, Pittsburgh and MORE. Think of how much alcohol drives up a bill – this way even the most expensive meal is rarely over $25 per person. Pair that with a good ‘ole bottle of $3 Buck Chuck and you’ve got a cheap night out on your hands!